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BJ GIanni - Talented Young Folks

November 5, 2018

BJ Gianni founded Talented Young Folks, LLC (TYF) in 2012 during the peak of her professional career in New York City as an actress and model. TYF began as a youth ministry of sorts to give back to her hometown community, in Prince George’s County, the mentoring, training and knowledge she didn’t have growing up. Over the years, BJ Gianni took on new roles that increased her expertise and passion for youth development even more which include teaching Math & Spanish in public schools and becoming a mom of two energetic and charming babies (now toddlers). The company has grown to a fully operated business entity with regularly scheduled classes and private coaching sessions for youth and their parents, focusing on best practices for a breakout career in the industry. TYF has also taken services into schools and businesses to impact more youth across the DMV area.

Talented Young Folks is on a mission to make impact in the DMV region and beyond using Performing Arts as the main tool. Our evolved motto is “Unlocking our future’s potential, one youth at a time. ©”

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