Stuck in The Middle Podcast

Comeback Season with J.Addo (Artist/Musician)

October 13, 2019

In 2010 J. Addo, a Singer and songwriter from Silver Spring Maryland with Ghanian heritage was destined for hometown and worldwide recognition after successful song releases featuring some of the hottest artists, and then he disappeared. J Addo did what most would never dare to do at that height of success, which was to leave the music scene and focus on attaining his degree. Now 8 years after achieving that goal and making himself and parents proud, J Addo is making a strong comeback and picking up right where he left off with his brand new Single 'Right Now' which comes at the cusp of him going viral from a skydiving photo which made it on the ShadeRoom and other news outlets. Check out this episode as we get to know the humble and energetic singer, and learn more about his grind, life, and music.