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Of One Blood Project with Jason Nkwain (Writer, Director, Poet)

December 8, 2019

The ‘Of One Blood’ Project critically examines the relationship between Africans and African Americans through the artistic disciplines of Film, Song, and Literature. The title Of One Blood stems from a novel written by the brilliant Pauline Hopkins. The novel tells the intricate and extremely complex stories of three Siblings (Reuel, Aubrey, and Dianthe) who born by way of rape through the institution of slavery, were separated from birth and grew up passing so as to survive the real and immediate threat of white supremacy.

The ‘Of One Blood (A Short Film)’ explores the psychological state of a man enduring the trauma of being ripped from his family, land, culture and most importantly, from himself. Told through minimum dialogue, poetry, song, and gripping imagery, the Experimental short film takes you on a pivotal journey through time, place and space.

The ‘Of One Blood – Soundtrack Album’ features six originally created songs for and inspired by the Project. Each song seeks to explore a crucial element in this severed relationship. Themes in the songs include but are not limited to love, fear, racism, unity, white supremacy, and triumph.

The ‘Of One Blood – A Memoir’ written as a letter to the African American family tells the story of the creator Jason Makwein Nkwain, as he grew up in Africa. It travels to specific points in his life both in Africa and eventually America as he comes to the realization that from birth, he had been conditioned, sometimes consciously and other times subconsciously, to think himself inferior. He also comes to the realization that this same conditioning was also seared into the minds of his blood (African American brothers and sisters). We find him questioning his way to his true identity in the hopes that finding himself will help him find his ‘blood’ – African American.

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